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Nivona NICR965 1465 W Automatic espresso machine, white cloud

Nivona NICR965 1465 W Automatic espresso machine, white cloud
Nivona NICR965 1465 W Automatic espresso machine, white cloud
Nivona NICR965 1465 W Automatic espresso machine, white cloud
Nivona NICR965 1465 W Automatic espresso machine, white cloud
Nivona NICR965 1465 W Automatic espresso machine, white cloud

Nivona NICR965 1465 W Automatic espresso machine, white cloud    Nivona NICR965 1465 W Automatic espresso machine, white cloud

965 1465 W Automatic espresso machine, white cloud. Functions: Milk frothing, Adjusting the coffee strength, Adjusting the amount of coffee brewed, Built-in grinder, Filter, Water level indicator, Smartphone control, Milk container, My Coffee function, Brewing 2 coffees at the same time, Adjusting the degree of grinding of coffee, Adjusting the coffee temperature, One Touch Cappuccino, Touch screen. Type of espresso machine: Pressurized.

Type of coffee: Ground, Bean. Available drinks: Americano, Caffelatte, Cappuccino, Espresso, Hot water, Hot milk, Black coffee, Latte Macchiato. The NIVONA CafeRomatica NICR 965 automatic coffee machine is a new model of the 9th series in a white design. Only for a short time.

Taste is a matter of taste, ease of use is universal. The 9th series models combine innovation and intuitive operation based on aroma profile selection technology. The built-in display allows you to view the entire brewing process. Thanks to the Aroma Pre-Select function, you can use the app to adjust all the recipes depending on the type of coffee, as recommended by our barista.

The backlight of the water tank is an additional visual advantage of the coffee machine. And all this so that you can drink the perfect coffee every time. Thanks to the extensive My Coffee function, you will be able to adapt each recipe to your own preferences, choosing the ratio of milk and coffee, as well as the strength of the drink. The NIVONA CafeRomatica NICR 965 pressure coffee maker allows you to prepare two espressos at the same time, thanks to which you can prepare your favorite drink for yourself and your companion. A device with a power of 1465 W and a pressure of 15 Bar. All features of our Aroma technology. A shared passion often begins with good coffee.

The 9 series integrates all the features of Aroma technology. Barista in a box (Aromatic Balance System) to bring out the variety of flavors and aromas from the beans, Cappuccino Connoisseur to make each cup of milk coffee taste as delicious as the one served in Piazza del Popolo in Rome.

Coffee perfectly suited to you. Taste preferences are different, but thanks to our Aroma technology, your NIVONA coffee machine will prepare coffee exactly the way you want it. Which device is closer to you than a smartphone? That's why you can use the Pre-select function in our Nivona-App to match all recipes to the type of Nivona coffee as recommended by our barista. Currently only available on models 970, NICR 960 and NICR 965.

Cappuccino connoisseur and Barista in a Box. Everyone has their own way of making the perfect coffee.

But do you really know what makes a good cappuccino? Do you know how many aromas are hidden in one bean? Our favorite drink, which we would always like to have in the highest quality, is influenced by many factors. That's why we have something for you! A coffee as individual as you are. To make a really good "barista-style" cappuccino, the milk has to gently envelop the coffee, which means it has to be in the cup first.

What a barista can easily prepare using a portafilter is a technical challenge for an automatic espresso machine. However, NIVONA handles this easily with the Cappuccino Connoisseur function. Depending on your preferences, you can prepare cappuccino in different ways. Of course, we do not deliver you a barista packed in a box.

To meet our vision, we developed the Aroma-Balance system that takes over its role. Coffee beans contain up to 800 different aromas. The differences are only noticeable when the brewing process is changed accordingly. Thanks to the Aroma-Balance system, you can determine for yourself which notes you want to extract from the beans.

In the "dynamic" version, you choose a delicate acidity with a slightly fruity note. The "solid" version gives a light bitterness with a full flavor. The "intensive" option, according to its name, is a strong, aromatic coffee with a clear body and easily perceptible bitterness.

Personalize your NIVONA espresso machine. Wake up your best memories every morning by preparing a cappuccino with the NIVONA espresso machine. Our Flying Picture mode allows you to send photos from your smartphone via Bluetooth directly to the large display of the machine. Only available on NICR 970, NICR 960 and NICR 965 models.

Give your special moments a unique setting. The NIVONA 9 series is a top-class machine - with an illuminated water tank and an intuitive operating concept. The 5-inch touchscreen gives you easy access to great recipes. In addition, we have supported the appearance with high-quality hi-fi sound systems, which you can feel every time you pour coffee.

We are constantly striving to deliver the highest quality and the best coffee experience. Security: Automatically turns the machine on and off. Coffee tank capacity [g]: 270. Water tank capacity [l]: 2.2. Additional functions: Aroma Balance Aromatica Bluetooth Flying Picture ECO function Illumination of cups Illumination of the water tank Height adjustment of the dispenser Cord storage Water shortage indicator No coffee beans indicator Descaling indicator Pre-brewing.

Adjusting the amount of coffee brewed: Yes. Type of coffee: Ground Beans.

Beverages available: Americano Caffelatte Cappuccino Espresso Hot water Hot milk Black coffee Latte Macchiato. Hygiene and cleaning: Adjustable water hardness Rinsing and nozzle cleaning program Removable brew group Removable water tank Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling program.

Number of user profiles: 8. Brewing 2 coffees at the same time: Yes. Brewing 2 milk coffees at the same time: Yes.

Accessories: Water filter Measuring cup Milk container Cleaning tablets Connecting hose. We have all listed products avaiable immidiately and on demand. May be little longer if said in the description. Parcels are picked-up by courier from Monday till Friday.

In international deliveries we take special security measures. We pack the items with double cardboard with additonal styrofoam and watertight stretch. Before dispatching we monitor packeage and inform customer about dispatching. Fastest deliveries worldwide guaranteed to: EU countries, Norway, Great Britain, USA, Turkey, Israel, Singapore, Hongkong and selected Americas countries. We will do the best we can to avoid additional costs for you, and dispatch your item best way possible.

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Nivona NICR965 1465 W Automatic espresso machine, white cloud    Nivona NICR965 1465 W Automatic espresso machine, white cloud